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Hollywood, FL 33020
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Vision Board Workshop

This class is taught by:

Darlene Feinzig

Darlene is co-founder of Yoga One and life partner to Steve, Mommy to Sammy and Max. Darlene’s classes are welcoming and insightful. She instructs with grace and kindness and loves making yoga available to students of all levels. In addition to her yoga studies, Darlene has done many workshops on improving one’s life and transformation. Darlene’s classes weave an inspiration or intention through them, touching on universal topics and uplifting the whole.

The Skinny on Darlene: Darlene keeps her cards close, but don't be fooled by Darlene's gentle demeanor. Behind that sweet smile is the woman who is feisty enough to put up with Steve every day. The same goes for class, while there is something for everyone, don't expect pillow yoga!



Teaching Yoga Since: 2005


Trained In: Anusara Yoga, Itsy Bitsy Yoga


Darlene’s Teachers: Christina Sell, John Friend, Jordan Bloom, Betsey Downing,

Shari Dickson

Happy to be doing anything creative, Shari has had many different occupations over the years. First and foremost she is an artist whose inspiration comes from her voracious reading habit, yoga practice and her own life experiences. She is very happy to be sharing her love of yoga by teaching at Yoga One, her home away from home. The skinny on Shari: She finds humor in almost every situation and will not hesitate to laugh or, more likely, giggle, about it! Usually, she is laughing at herself. Teaches Basic and Restorative Yoga (a huge fan of Savasana, this is a great fit). Teaching Since: 2014 Trained in: Hatha Yoga Teachers: Darlene and Steve Feinzig, Peter Barber, Christy Nones-McKenzie, Mark Roberts, and the many wonderful teachers and guest teachers at Yoga One. 

Join Shari and Darlene for an inspiring evening dedicated to setting your intentions for 2019 and beyond.
In this workshop, we'll show you how to create your very own custom vision board. A vision board is a physical image representation of all the things you wish to manifest and create in your life. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, and when programmed with self-selected images and words… the process of seeing these images consistently and repeatedly helps bring you that much closer
to turning your dreams into your reality. Join us in an uplifting group environment and finally get your vision crystallized with vibrant, meaningful images. We will provide supplies to create your vision board and light refreshments. Please bring any images from magazines that speak to you, a pair of scissors, and a photo of yourself smiling!