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Staff List

Dr. Steve Feinzig


Dr. Steve teaches with a unique blend of immaculate alignment instruction and uncanny humor, all while creating a safe space for experiential transformation. As a chiropractor, Dr. Steve is very knowledgeable about the body's structure and function; he has also trained extensively in yoga therapeutics. Dr. Steve owns and directs Yoga One along with his wife Darlene. He is a loving father to Sammy and Max, and a civically active member of his community in Hollywood, Florida.

The skinny on Steve: He wants to see you succeed, and is not afraid to encourage you to attain your best. He’s definitely not your mama’s yoga teacher! Come to class ready to laugh and challenge yourself.

Teaching Yoga Since: 1992

Trained in: Anusara Yoga

Dr. Steve’s Teachers: Christina Sell, Betsey Downing, John Friend

Darlene Feinzig
Darlene is co-founder of Yoga One and life partner to Steve, Mommy to Sammy and Max. Darlene’s classes are welcoming and insightful. She instructs with grace and kindness and loves making yoga available to students of all levels. In addition to her yoga studies, Darlene has done many workshops on improving one’s life and transformation. Darlene’s classes weave an inspiration or intention through them, touching on universal topics and uplifting the whole.

The Skinny on Darlene: Darlene keeps her cards close, but don't be fooled by Darlene's gentle demeanor. Behind that sweet smile is the woman who is feisty enough to put up with Steve every day. The same goes for class, while there is something for everyone, don't expect pillow yoga!



Teaching Yoga Since: 2005


Trained In: Anusara Yoga, Itsy Bitsy Yoga


Darlene’s Teachers: Christina Sell, John Friend, Jordan Bloom, Betsey Downing,

Katie Thoms

Katie, a native to South Florida, has a background in Pilates, which adds so much to her yoga teaching. Her passion is teaching people how to stabilize, strengthen, and stretch their bodies. Joseph Pilates said: “The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm, and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors.”

The Skinny on Katie: Katie is a total foodie! We have no idea how she keeps a 20” inch waist after seeing all the desserts she eats on Facebook. She’s light-hearted, fun and the world’s best hugger!

Teaching Yoga Since: 2010

Trained In: Anusara Yoga and Power Pilates

Katie’s Teachers: John Friend, Peter Barber, Christy Nones-McKenzie

Kim Ottaviani

Kim has been teaching children for over 25 years so making the transition into sharing her love of yoga through leading others in the practice was a natural progression for her. Kim gives students a soft place to settle, find acceptance and re-center in times of challenge. Her classes are heart-opening place to have fun and connect in times of ease as well as a secure place to build strength and flexibility and celebrate life.


The skinny on Kim: Kim has a huge heart and is one of the most thoughtful and generous people in the Yoga One community. And she bakes a mean brownie.


Teaching Yoga Since: 2010


Trained In: Anusara Yoga


Kim’s Teachers: Steve Feinzig, Peter Barber, John Friend, Betsy Downing, Jordan Bloom

Shari Dickson
Happy to be doing anything creative, Shari has had many different occupations over the years. First and foremost she is an artist whose inspiration comes from her voracious reading habit, yoga practice and her own life experiences. She is very happy to be sharing her love of yoga by teaching at Yoga One, her home away from home. The skinny on Shari: She finds humor in almost every situation and will not hesitate to laugh or, more likely, giggle, about it! Usually, she is laughing at herself. Teaches Basic and Restorative Yoga (a huge fan of Savasana, this is a great fit). Teaching Since: 2014 Trained in: Hatha Yoga Teachers: Darlene and Steve Feinzig, Peter Barber, Christy Nones-McKenzie, Mark Roberts, and the many wonderful teachers and guest teachers at Yoga One. 
Cathie Reicher

Cathie feels blessed to be able to combine her love of teaching (taught in the schools as a Speech Pathologist for 35 years and is still teaching at Nova Southeastern University) with her love of Yoga. Although Cathie discovered Yoga "later in life," she acknowledges that many prior activities- including playing tennis, running, and weight lifting, have led her to this "perfect place!" When the first Yoga One teacher training was offered by Dar and Steve, Cathie seized the opportunity and feels it was one of the best decisions of her life (second to marrying Ricky, her husband of 48 years, of course!) She was hired to teach "Gentle" Yoga the week that she turned 70, making that "milestone" birthday all the sweeter!

The skinny on Cathie: nicknamed “Chatty Cathie” for a reason, she loves to talk…….but she’s a great listener as well. Inversions are her passion……she can even talk while upside down!

Teaching Yoga Since: 2014

Trained in: Hatha yoga

Cathie’s Teachers: Dr. Steve and Darlene Feinzig

Alina Flor
Alina is a mother, Cardiac/Vascular Technician, and a lover of yoga. Practicing since she was 15 she expresses body and spirit through her teachings. Her classes are challenging, but she offers a variety of variations for all levels. In love with this practice Alina continues to share her passion for yoga while helping to create and grow a strong yoga community.

The Skinny on Alina: Besides yoga Alina's loves to go boating and free diving in her spare time.

Teaching Since: 2002

Trained In: Barkan Method Hot Yoga Level 1 & 2, AcroYoga Level 1 & Level 2, Thai Yoga Bodywork with Vedic Conservatory

Alina’s Teachers: Jimmy Barkan, Jason Nemer, Arianne Traverso

Michele Carrion-Yopps
Michele is a native New Yorker who loves to cultivate her artistic and creative core with the spiritual and meditative teachings of yoga. Her two top character traits include, “Learner” and “Achiever”, as she truly enjoys being a student, almost as much as teaching and sharing yoga. After twenty years as a media- marketing professional in the corporate sector, Michele opted to use her business savvy and solid interpersonal skills to cross over into the healing realm that yoga provides. She received her RYT 200 certification in “Hatha Mindful Alignment” from Yoga 1 in 2014, with her teachers Dr. Steve and Darlene Feinzig, and her RYT 300 advanced yoga training, as part of “The Alchemy of Flow and Form”, from the San Marcos School of Yoga, with Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker in 2017. Her teaching style fosters a safe and supportive class environment for students to develop and practice yoga at any level. She continuously works to provide a class balance that utilizes solid foundation and alignment with modifications and progressions, allowing students to “deepen” their practice, as they see fit. Her goal is for students to leave every class – smiling and feeling great.

Michele holds a B.S. degree in Marketing from New York University – Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and is an avid animal rights advocate, who works with local and national rescue groups.

Evan Rabin
Evan is a certified Hatha yoga teacher. He received his 200 hour Teacher Certification form the Yoga Education Institute. He began his yoga practice as a way to honor his mother’s spirituality. He quickly realized the practice produced positive life changes and benefits both physically and mentally. Evan has grown that practice into his own daily spiritual practice of life.
Evan’s teaching style is traditional Hatha in roots influenced by Iyengar style. Heart opening and alignment oriented teaching, while connecting the mind, body and breath. His classes offer a sanctuary for yogis to explore their true self. Traditional yoga style, relevant for today’s modern practicing yogi.
Teaching Yoga Since: 2012
Trained In: Budokon Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga
Evan’s Teachers: Darren Rhodes, Christina Sell, Cameron Shayne, Bryan Kest, Steve Feinzig
Wei Lin
Wei was first introduced to yoga in early 2000 as a way to keep fit, physically and mentally, for his busy schedule as a Massage Therapist. From his very first classes with Yogis Bonnie Quiceno and Peter Barber, he was hooked! Since then, Wei practiced yoga on and off for about 14 years with different teachers in different styles such as Anusara, Ashtanga, Hot yoga, Kundalini, Sivananda, Iyengar, and Vinyasa. Having practiced in various different forms, he came to realize that all forms of yoga have the spirituality aspect in common. In 2014, he decided to go deeper into his study by taking an intensive yoga teacher training and became a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher.

The skinny on Wei: When he's not teaching yoga or doing massages, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, dining out, reading, and riding his "zen" motorcycle.

“Yoga has brought me much balance, strength, knowledge, wisdom, peace, happiness, and love. And I wish it will do the same for you.”

Teaching Yoga Since:

Trained in: vinyasa,yin,

Wei’s Teachers: Peter Barber and Bonnie Quiceno

Ellie Blue
Ellie Blue is originally from North Carolina, where her training began with dance lessons at the age of nine. She has a BA in Dance and Theatre from UNC Charlotte and a Therapeutic Massage Diploma from Wake Technical CC in Raleigh. She has been practicing yoga since 2003, and recently completed Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga One. She is also a student of AcroYoga. Ellie Blue's love of movement arts drew her to the practice of yoga, the symmetry and balance in the body that yoga provides is what led her to become a teacher. Through dance, massage, and yoga training, she has acquired a knowledge of anatomy that easily lends a strong alignment-based style to her classes. And she enjoys choreographing sequences that flow organically from one pose to the next.

The skinny on Ellie Blue:
Prepare to surprise yourself! She loves to explore variations of poses and find interesting ways to experience the poses more fully.

Teaching Yoga since: 2016
Trained in: Hatha Yoga
Teachers: Dr. Steve and Darlene Feinzig and Alina Flor