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We've Moved to Oakwood Plaza!
2 Oakwood Blvd. Suite 163 
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 929-YOGA(9642)



Gunnar Dickson
As a lifelong weightlifter and golfer, I thought yoga was for sissies. My wife has been going to Yoga One for about 3 years and she finally got me to go with her last New Year’s Day. Well, I am hooked! I have been going to yoga about 5 times a week for a year, and I can tell you I honestly love how I feel. And it’s definitely a challenge each and every class. Not for sissies! I have enjoyed getting to know all of the instructors and count many of the members and teachers as my friends.


Connie Neilson
Steve, Thank you for your kind words today and acknowledgment of my “lightness”! It is through your’s and Darlene’s teachings and my practice of yoga that I have been able to grow more into the lightness of being. It is so lovely to be here!