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Now in Oakwood Plaza
2 Oakwood Blvd. Suite 163 
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 929-YOGA(9642)

Yoga Etiquette and Guidelines


1) Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. There is a storage bench in the lobby for your shoes, and we have a rack where you can store your personal belongings during class in the studio space. Also remember to silence your cell phone.


2) It is more comfortable to practice yoga with an empty stomach, so please refrain from eating 2-3 hours before class. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and stay hydrated after practicing.


3) Arrive about 15 minutes before class to sign in. A changing room is available. If you are late, please enter the classroom quietly as a courtesy to both the instructor and your fellow students. If meditation is in progress, please wait in the lobby until it ends and the intstructor invites you in. The door will be locked 15 minutes after class begins. Please do not disrupt the class if you have arrived after this point and the door is locked. If for some reason, you have to leave class early, please do so before sivasana (final relaxation) out of respect for the other students and your teacher.


4) Please inform your instructor of any injuries or recent surgeries that you have had, even if you are not currently experiencing pain.


5) Please avoid wearing heavy fragrances and perfumes to class as this may disturb the practice of others around you.


6) Please arrange your mat in line with the other students in class. This helps your instructor see your alignment and makes it easier for them to navigate around the room.


7) Honor your own pace and be compassionate. Breathe deeply and listen to your body. Focus on your own practice, regardless of what others in the class are doing. Your practice will develop with careful patience, so focus on making each experience enjoyable for yourself.